Chicago Hate: Crime, Racial Prejudice, and the Media.

Breaking last night, was the story of four Chicago residents that had been arrested for kidnapping another Chicago-area man with mental disabilities. They forced this man to drink from the toilet, bound him, beat and kicked him, cut the clothes from his body, and assaulted him with a knife, drawing blood. And since our society has undergone a shame-ectomy, all of this was done live on Facebook. In viewing the video, it becomes clear by the choice of insults used by the perpetrators that this crime was racially and politically motivated. The victim has been reported recovering in a hospital, and the perpetrators have been charged with committing hate-crimes as well as other charges. “Tragic,” you might say. “I hope they receive the fullest punishment that the law can provide.” Correct. They should. However, there is a component to this story that has some in the main stream media a bit perplexed on how to handle it. The peculiar part of this story is that the perpetrators were black and their victim was white, and they carried out their attacks saying, “F**k Donald Trump. F**k white people.”

Since hate-crime legislation started being enacted, it has not been unknown to find examples of criminal behavior that meet the definition of a hate-crime and yet are perpetrated on whites. A simple search on YouTube will yield numerous videos of white people being attacked by groups of non-whites, beating them, and hurling racial epithets at them. For instance, also in Chicago, in a recent post-election attack, a middle-aged white man was pulled from his car and beaten for stated racial and political motives. However, it’s not often you hear of hate-crimes charges being filed in such cases where the victim is white. Until recently, the reason for the charges in the Chicago case hadn’t even been fully specified. Earlier reports indicated that the Chicago Police incredulously maintained that the attack wasn’t racially motivated, but because of the victim’s mentally disability. This, even though the perpetrators were shown cutting at this man and saying, “F**k white people,” on the aforementioned video. That evidence would seem pretty cut and dry, to most people. It’s not like they said, “F**k the disabled,” is it? However, according to this afternoon’s CPD press conference on this case, they made clear that the racial component of this crime received equal consideration in the decision to file hate-crime charges. I’m glad they were clear on this point. It would be a horrible message to send that the crime in this was in selecting a victim from the protected list, “but feel free to target competent whites!”

The way the media has been reporting this story has been has a bit of a mixed bag. Some articles and TV stories have reported this on the merits, while others have not. Few want to justify it, though some have. Some have even gone the extra step of blaming Donald Trump in some capacity. Particularly egregious was the way CNN’s Don Lemon approached it. While one of his panel called the attack “evil,” Lemon himself refused to categorize it as such, saying, “I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people, and I think they have bad home training.” Certainly Mr. Lemon is entitled to his strange opinion. However, if this act didn’t make his cut, one should wonder at what Lemon’s definition of evil is.

Don Lemon is just one example of the gentle consideration that media gives when dealing with crimes perpetrated by non-whites. For instance, the media has a reputation for often omitting the ethnicity of the perpetrator in reporting crimes committed by minorities, while at the same time rarely flinching from exposing the background of a white assailant. As to why they do it is speculative, but I’d wager it probably comes from a mixture of varied left-wing opinions, such as reporters generally have penchant for. These beliefs could include the unique culpability of whites for historic injustices (including racial disparities in U.S. prisons), the patronizing belief that racial minorities should be coddled and held to low expectations for civilized behavior because of historic injustice and cultural relativism, and the belief that whites will retaliate against innocent minorities if they report the racial make-up of said perpetrators. If this is what they believe, the sensible thing would be to just omit the ethnicity of all suspects, but that’s not always the case. It is curious, however, how fears of racial prejudice lead to actual racial prejudice.

The Chicago attack and like attacks should give us pause before we continue business as usual, employing the same failed solutions championed by our politically correct culture. If the goal is to reduce or eliminate racial prejudice, then perhaps we should de-emphasize race. No one should be automatically considered in the victim class or the oppressor class. We all should be on the protected list, or none of us should be. One thing we might consider is dropping this whole ridiculous notion of hate crimes. Those kidnappers from Chicago committed crimes against a weaker guy, and that’s all that should matter. I don’t care if they hated this man personally or if they just hated whatever group they saw him representing; such as white, disabled, or a Trump supporter. I only care that they committed a crime. If the races were reversed, to me it would matter just as much. This should be the case with the law, the media, and society. It isn’t, though. Justice, far from being blind, seeks to favor ideological bias over the evidence or law. It’s time we start insisting that our society stop showing any favoritism on a racial basis. At some point, people must be responsible for their own actions, alone. Pretending otherwise leads to crimes like what happened to this man in Chicago. If we keep trying to play this game of favorites, we aren’t going to have a society much longer. For if we can’t agree that such actions are “evil,” what can we agree on?


– Ryan Thorson


I Will Go With Texas

I just saw a meme declaring Trump to be the best man for the job (I can only assume they meant POTUS, for if they meant manning a shine box, I might agree). Words escape me to adequately describe how wrong that is. Evan McMullin is by far the more intelligent, competent, experienced, and conservative choice. However, we’re so Pavlovian when it comes to our two parties that his chances are slim.

It may be true, MAYBE, that Trump is a little less bad than Hillary, but that doesn’t make him even nominally fit for POTUS. Trump’s election would mean the abandonment of morality/ethics by the GOP, their full embrace of big government, the continued reduction of Liberty, the head-long sprint towards suicidal debt, and death of the supposed constitutional party. Also, you might want to come to terms with the fact that Trump won’t fight for what he doesn’t believes in (i.e. The Constitution), and he rarely listens to advice, so it would be wise to not put your hope in a President Trump surrounded by handlers with cattle prods, ready to give him a mild but memorable shock when he steps out of line! If he wins, be satisfied that you beat the Democrats… before it dawns on you that you’ve become the Democrats.

I will vote for McMullin, even if it turns out to be largely symbolic. Trump will have to take his chances without me. I’m not going to affix my name to that atrocity for the chance at slightly better than the most corrupt woman of our age. Yes, perhaps Hillary will win and thusly beat the rap, but I will only accept responsibility for that in the event that it comes down to one vote in Texas. At some point, Trump has to own his being as ethically and princibly challenged as he is. I will not support a candidate who would destroy all of which I believe, only more slowly than the other candidate. And, forgive me if I find HRC going to jail poor compensation for the loss of all that (assuming that it will happen, which I doubt).

It’s clear that the solution will not come from Washington. Right now, hundreds of thousands of Texans are preparing to legally and peacefully cut the oppressive ties that connect us to that Palatine on the Potomac (no matter which emperor is selected next week) and reclaim self-determination. The rest of the country can go down the road of authoritarianism and economic ruin, if they wish, but Texas didn’t sign on for that. So, in the spirit of Davy Crockett, this government “can go to hell and i’ll go [with] Texas!” #Texit

Character Matters, Even When It Doesn’t!

There’s been many attempts to justify Trump’s lamentable lack of self-control and entitled boorishness lately, accompanied by condemnation for those who’ve either repented of their support of him or have used recent events to call for Donald to quit the race. The whole issue centers on the recent revelation of a tape detailing not only his boasting of adultery (something we already had examples of) but also Trump’s possible sexual assault. However, concern over this latest Trump outrage is not, as some would describe it, merely case of pearl clutching and faux moral superiority. 

Donald Trump is a moral reprobate, one who has scant repentance of his actions nor any moment of clarity that he could point to as aiding him to change his ways.  He is and has been a rake who believes his wealth and fame give him license to do… pretty much whatever he wants! This information was out there for anybody who cared to read it. Anybody who claims ignorance of this fact is either living in their own special bubble or lying. That goes double for the politicians who knew and yet lined up behind him! What is at issue here is a case of proverbial chickens coming home to roost. Those of us who opposed Donald Trump said that this day was coming, and that when it did come it would prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House. If the polls are to be believed, this has indeed proven a true prophecy. 

The “cast the first stone” crowd would do well to consider the truth of this before casting their own judgment on the motivations of those calling it like it is. Yes, politics is filled with characters that do such boorish things (see video of Obama showing off his erection to female reporters), and certainly there is none among us without sin, but the wanton disregard for Trump’s bad character is what led the GOP to this moment where they stand to lose all, unless by some miracle Trump puts the country before himself and drops out. Again, his bad character will prevent this.

 So this is where we are, on the brink of party destruction and placing at the country’s helm possibly the most corrupt politician of our time! This is all made possible by excusing, to unheard of degrees, the character quality of the GOP POTUS nominee. Character may not matter to Democrats, but the GOP are supposed to be better! If, however, you still insist that Trump’s character is not an issue, even now, then perhaps you should consider how you judged Bill Clinton when he ran, and contemplate giving him an apology.

My Converstation with a Trump Nazi

If you tweet in political circles then this may be a familiar story. There you are making some modestly good points, carrying on a conversation, when a Trump supporter comes along, going from zero to anti-semetic in 2.3 seconds! While all Trump supporters aren’t Nazis, it seems that all Nazis are Trump supporters! Certainly this would describe many of his hard-core vocal followers. Trump has done very little to discourage this kind of support, and this is in turn is taken by white-supremacists of all flavors as sly endorsement of their views.

Anyway, Just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, here are tweets I exchanged with a such a Trump supporter. I blocked out his face and name for legal reasons and, foolish as he is to believe such excrement, I hope he comes to his senses and rejects the bigotry that now seems to animates him. This kind of stuff floating around the web could hurt his opportunities, further confirming his already warped belief of his victim-hood at the hands of Jews and Blacks and whatever else he scapegoats. His apparent youth (like many of the alt-righters that I encounter on twitter) only makes his chosen world view that more pitiable.

Trump, lacks any true convictions and, much like Obama, makes himself a screen for people to project their beliefs onto. If you’re a conservative, so is he! If you are a liberal, so is he! If you are Nazi… Trump is giving Hillary a run for her money in bringing out the worst in Americans. The standard bearer of the GOP must never be a Machiavellian who will single-handedly undue all the hard work of conservatives to focus the arguments onto individual liberties and away from group-think and racialism. Well, enjoy.

-Ryan Thorson



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Thank Trump for President Cruz

After many delegate victories, even resounding ones, all across the country, Ted Cruz has started to receive a rush of support and endorsements. This support has come from varied sources such as Senate colleagues like Mike Lee * or former primary rivals such as Carly Fiorina. ** In addition, we also are starting to see a the so-called establishment lining up behind Ted Cruz. Most notably among them is Senator and former GOP Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham. *** Graham will openly admit that he’s not the biggest Cruz fan, and in recent weeks joked about Cruz’s murder, **** but even he realizes that which stands to be lost in this election is far more than personal pet projects and leadership positions. In fact, it could be the country itself. So, besides Hillary and four more years of Democrat-managed national decline, what is this threat to the country? What is the one force strong enough to have all these folks set aside their differences and dislikes and unify for common cause? Donald Trump.

There are many reasons why a majority of Republicans are starting to coalesce around Cruz over Trump. As you look at the delegate count, Trump holds less than 100 delegates over Cruz. ***** With every new state that Cruz snatches from the pile that the pundits said would go to Donald, it becomes more and more clear that Trump is beatable. Some may have chosen Cruz over Trump because they have been swayed by Ted Cruz’s solid conservative record and policies over Trump’s inconsistency and populism. Still others may have considered Trump’s negatives among key demographics and consistent losses to Hillary in the polls, ****** concluding that they’d rather vote for a more sure candidate who beats Clinton in similar hypothetical match-ups, the way that Cruz does. ******* However, there is another reason that may have swayed both voters and those in power to choose Cruz over Trump, and that’s how thoroughly repellent Trump is, personally, ethically, and politically.

Trump is the personification of hubris. If you ask him, he’ll concede that nobody’s better, period. He has no idea of the humility that a President must have, whereas a King does without. He even recently said he’d be more Presidential than any previous President other than Abraham Lincoln. ******** Setting aside for a moment how presumptuous that it is, it’s purely delusional. Additionally, among Trump’s supporters are those that hold white supremacist views or belong to white nationalist organizations. ********* Surprisingly, far from doing the obvious and easy thing in every time unequivocally denouncing their support, such as what Reagan famously did when the Ku Klux Klan endorsed him, ********** Trump disavows in such a weak and curt way as to give the white-power crowd just enough doubt to still think that he’s on their side. Observing all this, the GOP has visions of those inevitable Democrat adds with Trump refusing to disavow the KKK, ***********or a black women being violently hurled out of a Trump rally with accompanying racial abuse, ************ or clips of David Duke singing Trump’s praises, ************* and they know that with those optics, their party will be dead in the water. The hate that loves Trump is a factor that is sure to doom the GOP to not only losing the Presidency, or the Senate, but maybe existentially the party’s itself. With Trump as the GOP nominee, this fate seems certain, even with such a damaged and ethically compromised opponent as Hillary Clinton. You add to this Trump’s charlatan chicanery (such as seeming infomercial for his products after his wins in Mississippi and Michigan), ************** his open threats to Speaker Ryan *************** and the owners of the Cubs, **************** Trump’s constantly shifting policy objectives and positions, his zero impulse control, and his lack of understanding of limited role of a chief executive, and what you have is the makings of an unstable leader, one who has no allies that are not already yes-men. While Trump remains popular with a certain portion of the voters, most of whom are merely blind to what he represents, Trump has managed to make himself abhorrent to everyone else.

By standing for principles in Washington, Ted Cruz made a lot of political enemies in both parties. We’ve heard about how he was disliked by his own party’s leadership, or supposedly everyone else. Well, enter Trump, whose current unfavorable rating of 60%, ***************** makes him the most disliked candidate running and one of the highest ever, even over Hillary (52%) who places second to Trump. ***************** With these facts in evidence, some have theorized that Trump is a Manchurian candidate for Hillary, someone who has agreed to come in and ruin the GOP and do the impossible task of making an otherwise un-electable Hillary Clinton electable by comparison. While that may be how it works out, as far as a conspiracy is concerned, it’s improbable that the giant ego of Donald Trump wouldn’t allow him to take a bullet for someone else. However, if things end up working out for Cruz in securing the nomination, he may very well have Donald Trump to thank for it. It seems that Donald Trump may be the only one that could show the power brokers and establishment in the GOP that there are far worse things to be stuck with than an ethical and consistent conservative like Ted Cruz… they could be stuck with the unethical fraudulent Machiavellian reed twisting in the wind that is Donald Trump.

  • Ryan Thorson


















Cruz or bust!

It’s been a while since my last posting, so I’ll quickly sum up the important points on the GOP side of the Presidential race. The Republicans hosted another South Carolina debate about a week ago, where it looked like Trump had self-destructed. Trump, in his most Democrat-ish performance defended Planned Parenthood, * ended up blaming Bush for 911, * and said also that Bush lied us into the Iraq war (a war that Trump claimed to be among the first to oppose). * However you may feel about those issues, it should be stipulated that traditionally they have been anathema to Republicans, confined to rantings of wild-eyed leftists. Additionally, evidence was put out during a few Trump town-halls that he lied about being against the Iraq war (in a pre-war Howard Stern interview, he supported it), ** he confused himself with Bernie Sanders (including his universal healthcare stance), *** and he admitted he liked the mandate (aka Obamacare)… and he still won SC! It seems that Trump supporters either don’t care, don’t know, or don’t mentally register their likely differences with Trump, proof that the low-information crowd isn’t limited to the left. Trump supporters see his tough guy affectation and that alone gets their support; everything else is just white noise. Whatever they’ve internally argued to justify their support, whatever they suppose that Trump will do if put in office, IF, I think they will be sorely disappointed along with the rest of us.

Ted Cruz barely lost second place in SC. **** Not good. Not insurmountable, but not good. Bush dropping out is good news, however. **** This race has really become about finding the anti-Trump candidate, and the more of the low-performing candidates that drop out the better. However, the ever hopeful Kasich and the drowsily angry Carson are hanging on ***** just so they can tie-up enough of the vote to prevent a non-Trump candidate from emerging and prevailing, or for whatever other non-winning reason they have to justify their continued campaigning. The longer they stay, taking 8% or 7% away from a viable candidate, the more certain it is that Trump will win.

Rubio should be happy at doing better than normal, but the fact that he had every SC VIP behind him and still couldn’t win, not to mention that he still hasn’t a single win to his name yet, should concern his supporters. Also a concern for Conservatives is his last minute bailing on the Conservative Review Convention, ****** where he was scheduled to speak. It could be that Marco has conceded Conservatives and is instead hoping to rely solely on establishment support. If so, it’s a risky strategy, considering that Trump is also competing for that support block. If you combine this with the fact that in the polls Rubio is not leading in a single state, ******* then you have near insurmountable issues to a Rubio win. Unless something radical happens to change the course of this election, Marco is unlikely to be anything more than a spoiler for Trump.

In the meantime, Cruz is using the proper tactic of emphasizing his win in Iowa and his consecutive double placing in New Hampshire and South Carolina (almost taking second in SC) as evidence that he is the candidate that has and can beat Donald Trump. Additionally, polling has indicated in a head to head match-up between Trump and Cruz, it’s Cruz by +16 points. ******** Additionally, Trump almost consistent loses across polling in potential match-ups with Hillary ********* whereas Cruz more often than not beats Hillary. ********** For those that are concerned with the Don’s elect-ability and also the drag to the left that Trump represents, they really have only one choice. Unless it is desired to see a Trump Presidency, or (even worse) a Hillary Presidency, Ted Cruz is the only lane left to avoid such a fate.

– Ryan Thorson











An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

(Bill Whittle just put out a video in a similar vein to what you are about to read (linked below).  It was so good, I thought I’d do my own take on it, with my own two cents worth, also because I’ve had a similar idea rattling around in my head for some time. However, Bill’s take is more conciliatory, whereas mine is more of an ultimatum. Here it is.)


Dear Trump Supporters,

I don’t believe that your candidate will be the nominee. Additionally, the polls currently maintain that he can’t win against Hillary in a general. However, I can’t deny that he’s the front runner and has a shot at it. Additionally, I suspect that no one can pry you from your candidate, but for his own sake, to make him more electable, do you think you could try to push him in a more Conservative direction? Remember, he wants the job; it’s not his for the taking, much as he may posture. So if he wants solid across the board Republican support to beat the Democrats, I say, “Let’s make a beautiful deal.” Before He becomes the nominee, cajole Trump to promise that:

– He will act to end or restrict abortion. He says he’s now pro-life; demand that he talk about what that means and what actions he will take. For instance, will the Judges he selects favor life or not?

-He will select only conservative, strict constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. Many times in recent years we’ve come so close to losing first and second amendment rights by the High Court; it will only take one more appointment to tip us into the abyss. I like that Trump says that he prefers Clarence Thomas, but I don’t know what he means by saying that, and it’s not the only confusing word he’s had on the matter. Have Trump to commit to this original intent leaning judges and stop saying that he’ll put his pro-partial-birth-abortion favoring sister on the Court.

-He will respect the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers. Trump’s been virtually silent in this area, with only a few mentions about the President’s illegal executive orders. Demand that he commit to limited government. We don’t need a right-wing Obama. Return power to the states and individuals, and undo the last 8 years of imbalance.

-He will respect private property rights and return Federal lands back to the states. I’m not talking about National Parks here, but large swaths of land that should be taken away from the Bureau of Land Management and returned to State authorities. Ted Cruz favors passing legislation that would prevent the Feds from owning 50% or more of a State, as a start. Get Trump to reverse himself on this issue and suggest something similar. Also, get him to promise that he will pursue legislation that will protect private property owners from the EPA (or other federal entities) and entrepreneurs who would buy influence with government to take the property of private citizens and give it to business. Trump’s attempt to take some old lady’s house for a Casino limo parking lot through eminent domain was disgraceful, and I’m glad that he failed. Trump needs to learn that he serves the people and not the other way around. We’ve had enough self-serving narcissists in the White House.

-He will enact meaningful immigration reform. It’s great that Trump wants to build a wall, but he also favors “touch-back,” meaning that he’ll deport aliens and then bring them right back to the USA. That does nothing for the guy who can’t find a job because of massive illegal competition. Furthermore, it’s wasteful of federal funds, cruel to the illegal alien, and counters Trump’s previous stated goals. Get him to secure the border, and then enforce existing laws.

-He will not initiate socialized medicine. In addition to being an expenditure that this bankrupt government can’t possibly pay, this sort of program has failed every time it has been tried. It results in low quality care, rationing, and long waits for treatment. It’s so bad that in Canada, their own supreme court ruled against it and allowed for a secondary paid system so that people don’t have to die waiting for treatment. Get “Mr. Businessman” to repeal Obamacare and agree to a free-market solution that gives consumers choice, has transparency in pricing, and allows for interstate competition.

-He will pass a balanced-budget amendment and start paying off our near $20 trillion debt.  If we don’t get a handle on this, we may lose the dollar as the world’s default currency, and then meet the same fate as Greece. Ted Cruz has suggested using Federal natural resources to pay this down, as land holdings amount to roughly the same amount as what we owe. Trump needs to develop a similar plan to deal with this issue. Additionally, he better be ready to handle the $120 trillion in unfunded mandates that will be due soon. This is truly an existential crisis for this government; this can must not be kicked down the road again.

-He will not institute a wealth tax. Again, this goes to private property rights. After a person has paid taxes on their earned income, why should they have to pay another nickel of it, let alone the 14% that Trump has suggested? I know hating the rich is as popular as it’s ever been, but you have to ask yourself what this might do to the economy, in so punishing success. This is so Progressive, not even Hillary has suggested it.

-He will not grant government monopolies and be more hands-off regarding the private sector. Get Trump to stop picking winners and losers in the economy! He needs to abandon his plans to expand ethanol subsidies. Why should I be forced by government to destroy my car’s engine with corrosive ethanol, and also have to pay Iowa for the privilege? Not only is it bad for the environment, burning three gallons of gasoline to make 4 gallons of ethanol, but ethanol should have to stand on its own, just like every other product. I know his support of this issue buys him a lot of votes in Iowa and curries the favor of the GOP establishment, but it is in no way the position of someone who believes in the free market. Don’t get me started on tariffs!

If you are successful in all this, press your luck in trying to get him to act like an adult, stop calling women “Bimbos”and the like, stop carrying on childish twitter wars (he’s running for President, for crying out loud!), and show some respect for the political process that the founders and our traditions have established. Trump should act like the leader of the free world that he wants to be, not a wise guy.

If in reading this, you, as a Trump follower, have discovered some things about your candidate that make you question your support of him, then I would just remind you that there are other candidates that are true conservatives and can win, such as Senator Ted Cruz. If, however, you are still a “Trump or nothing” voter, you would do well to consider the following: If Trump does become the GOP candidate, and if he wants to win in the general election, then he’s going to need support from conservatives; he’s going to need to appeal to some principles higher than just… Trump. If you can get him to agree to all of this, maybe, conservatives might vote for him instead of staying home on election night.


Sincerely, and with all due respect,


Ryan Thorson