Cruz or bust!

It’s been a while since my last posting, so I’ll quickly sum up the important points on the GOP side of the Presidential race. The Republicans hosted another South Carolina debate about a week ago, where it looked like Trump had self-destructed. Trump, in his most Democrat-ish performance defended Planned Parenthood, * ended up blaming Bush for 911, * and said also that Bush lied us into the Iraq war (a war that Trump claimed to be among the first to oppose). * However you may feel about those issues, it should be stipulated that traditionally they have been anathema to Republicans, confined to rantings of wild-eyed leftists. Additionally, evidence was put out during a few Trump town-halls that he lied about being against the Iraq war (in a pre-war Howard Stern interview, he supported it), ** he confused himself with Bernie Sanders (including his universal healthcare stance), *** and he admitted he liked the mandate (aka Obamacare)… and he still won SC! It seems that Trump supporters either don’t care, don’t know, or don’t mentally register their likely differences with Trump, proof that the low-information crowd isn’t limited to the left. Trump supporters see his tough guy affectation and that alone gets their support; everything else is just white noise. Whatever they’ve internally argued to justify their support, whatever they suppose that Trump will do if put in office, IF, I think they will be sorely disappointed along with the rest of us.

Ted Cruz barely lost second place in SC. **** Not good. Not insurmountable, but not good. Bush dropping out is good news, however. **** This race has really become about finding the anti-Trump candidate, and the more of the low-performing candidates that drop out the better. However, the ever hopeful Kasich and the drowsily angry Carson are hanging on ***** just so they can tie-up enough of the vote to prevent a non-Trump candidate from emerging and prevailing, or for whatever other non-winning reason they have to justify their continued campaigning. The longer they stay, taking 8% or 7% away from a viable candidate, the more certain it is that Trump will win.

Rubio should be happy at doing better than normal, but the fact that he had every SC VIP behind him and still couldn’t win, not to mention that he still hasn’t a single win to his name yet, should concern his supporters. Also a concern for Conservatives is his last minute bailing on the Conservative Review Convention, ****** where he was scheduled to speak. It could be that Marco has conceded Conservatives and is instead hoping to rely solely on establishment support. If so, it’s a risky strategy, considering that Trump is also competing for that support block. If you combine this with the fact that in the polls Rubio is not leading in a single state, ******* then you have near insurmountable issues to a Rubio win. Unless something radical happens to change the course of this election, Marco is unlikely to be anything more than a spoiler for Trump.

In the meantime, Cruz is using the proper tactic of emphasizing his win in Iowa and his consecutive double placing in New Hampshire and South Carolina (almost taking second in SC) as evidence that he is the candidate that has and can beat Donald Trump. Additionally, polling has indicated in a head to head match-up between Trump and Cruz, it’s Cruz by +16 points. ******** Additionally, Trump almost consistent loses across polling in potential match-ups with Hillary ********* whereas Cruz more often than not beats Hillary. ********** For those that are concerned with the Don’s elect-ability and also the drag to the left that Trump represents, they really have only one choice. Unless it is desired to see a Trump Presidency, or (even worse) a Hillary Presidency, Ted Cruz is the only lane left to avoid such a fate.

– Ryan Thorson











Which GOP Candidate is Trying to Silence Mark Levin?

Yesterday, January 21st,2015 , Mark Levin dropped a bombshell on his radio show audience, saying that word had reached him that a representative from one of the Republican campaigns for President was investigating him in an effort to shut him up.  Next, Levin went ahead and spilled the beans about the theoretical dirt that might have been held over his head. It seems that Levin is engaged to a woman whose adult son works for the Cruz for President campaign. Levin stated his belief that this wasn’t anybody’s business and downplayed the insinuation that his fiancé’s son’s political affiliations have had an effect on Levin’s views, stressing that he didn’t care which campaign the young man worked for. However, even though Levin maintained his intellectual independence, he also openly admitted his own connection to the Junior Senator from Texas, in that Levin had “supported Ted Cruz for a long time” and had also encouraged the likes of “Sarah Palin” to support Cruz in his US Senate race a few years back. Levin went on, vowing never to be silenced and also to disclose the identity of the campaign that was responsible, even offering a $5,000 reward for verifiable tips.

Lately on Levin’s show, Levin has been very critical of Presidential candidate 8566717881_4cd237e309_oDonald Trump, primarily concerning his Campaign’s personal attacks on Ted Cruz, going so far as to describe them as “Nixonian”. 2 If Levin’s allegations are true, considering the fact that the Don has lately been the popular talk show host’s person of negative interest, suspicion could fall on Trump. Certainly, Trump hasn’t been averse to using creative means to encourage the silence of others. Earlier this week, Trump made threats of legal action to reporters when he was confronted with his use of junk bonds to finance a deal that ultimately went south, and even though he previously repudiated their use. Trump reportedly said in response to this line of inquiry, “If you write this one, I’m suing us_senator_of_florida_marco_rubio_06you.” 3 Nevertheless, it could be still another campaign that is unhappy with Levin’s recent positive coverage of Cruz, wanting for that to halt. In that case, Cruz’s immediate inferior, the Rubio campaign, coveting a number two slot in Iowa or in New Hampshire and desirous that a prominent talk show like Levin’s stop giving Cruz positive coverage, would be next in line after Trump to benefit should Cruz falter.

If it is indeed verified that the Trump campaign, rather than the Rubio campaign or one from the other candidates for President, has been engaged in a silencing campaign of one of his harshest critics in the media, that would certainly go a long way in supporting Levin’s allegation that the Trump Campaign is engaged in the politics of personal destruction in the mold of Richard Nixon, and it leaves one to wonder who else might be on Trump’s enemies list.

-Ryan Thorson