Happy Dependence Day

It’s been a while since I’ve put out any musings on this blog. It’s just been difficult to pull myself away from the work I’ve been doing with the Texas Nationalist Movement and Texian Partisan, both as both editor and contributor.

Anyway, today is July 4th, and folks are out celebrating… something. They may be enjoying family & friends, experiencing the joys of the grill, or endulging their enthusiasm for explosives, but few (I’d wager) are really seriously contemplating independence and the hard fought Liberties of the 1776 vintage.

And why should they? We’ve come a long way since Valley Forge. Concerns of tyranny and concepts like the sovereignty of the individual have become passé. In fact, we’ve largely gotten used to the expansive idea of government, so much so that the idea of independence has lost much of its meaning today.

In all honesty, how many of us truly want to be independent? Do we vote that way, expecting the politicians we empower to reduce government for the preservation of Liberty and society, or do we just want ours? To many, in action if not in word, we really don’t want Washington out of our lives, do we?

Ultimately, we seem quite content to continue our infantalization. We want the government to, as Hillary Clinton put it, to “take care of [us],” despite pontification to the contrary. Given a chance, we wouldn’t part with a single federal regulation overseeing the condition of our hamster ball. We actively refuse to forgo the many ways D.C. subsidizes us; let the future generations figure out how to pay for it! Of course, you can just forget about a popular movement calling for government to scale back to constitutional proportions, being able to only do those things that only it should do, leaving us to be responsible for our own choices. I mean, who wants responsibility?

The destructive cost of all this government is another thing. Politicians of both sides know that we can’t afford continuing the kind of patronage (aka entitlements) that Washington tosses out like so much parade-route candy, robbing us of our autonomy and binding our future to its tender mercies. Both parties refuse to reform our spending beyond negligible cuts to future increases, nor will they pay back debt which is set to reach $30 trillion in less than 10 years. Spending continues to grow, and our debt has amassed to proportions beyond what hoped-for economic growth can remedy. Our debt has become like the ocean: so big you can ignore its unfathomable depths… until the storm comes, and it always does.

Does any intelligent person really think that nothing will happen if this continues, if we carry a national debt multiple times our GDP? Do any really think that American exceptionalism means that we are not bound by the same economic laws as all other countries in all of the history of the world? Of course, it would be nice, if such a thing weren’t just an incredibly stupid fantasy of a Union that has long since lost the political will to save itself! Heck, I’d settle for just me being able to run up my personal debt without any consequences! But in reality, both persons and nations must pay the piper.

Meanwhile, our fatuous politicians tell us cutting back wouldn’t be compassionate, and very few are willing to try even the most modest of reductions, afraid of being demonized. But who among them wonders how many people will they be able to bestow compassion upon when the economy collapses? And instead of facing this reality and acting accordingly, our ruling class engages in fantasy, remaining stupidly optimistic that our problems will either fix themselves, or (more likely) holding fast to the hope that they’ll be out of office, that it won’t be their problem when it all goes down.

From top to bottom, we are a nation of heroin junkies, with our proverbial smack being other people’s money. Our leaders crave the power gained from giving stolen gifts, and are unwilling to stop; and the voters cooperate, craving the gifts given, loyally voting for the politicians who deals them. We are content to let the politicians bribe us with our own money (or other people’s), with zero concern that government is on a destructive path, but rather focusing our energies to ensure that our side is the one distributing the goodies to the faithful. Rule of law, limited government, individual Liberty and responsibility are quickly forgotten in the face of partisan victory, assuming they were ever valued in the first place.

There are yet a few more years left in the Union, a little more road to kick that can down, a little more flat top before the cliff side opens up before our plummeting vehicle. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying there’s hope, or that the Union will be saved. That’s not going to happen. We’re far too busy playing the power game, with one side celebrating that their boy made Captain of the sinking ship, and the other side plotting his removal. Yet, while the U.S. diligently tries to fix its hull-breach with a pick-axe, I and others will continue our steady work to man the lifeboat Texas, hoping that an independent Texas will pull back from the brink whereas the other 49 would not. But, for the time being, for what it’s worth, happy July fourth; happy dependence day. Enjoy it now, because it’s not likely to be here tomorrow.