Predictions for the 2016 Election

Well, it’s finally here. The great climax of the 2016 elections is finally upon us! Either you’re eager with anticipation, filled with hope and excitement for what a new President might bring to the country, or (if you’re a realist) you wait as the flu-infected, clutching the toilet, waiting for the wretching that must soon begin. However you choose to greet Tuesday’s election, here are my predictions for that night and the next executive administration!

Trump will win Texas and a few swing states. Perhaps McMullin will win in Utah. However, I think its going to be Hillary by a nose (perhaps a bit more) on Tuesday night. While it would be more interesting to see a 269/268 split with McMullin getting a state, ultimately resulting in a House of Representatives election, I must admit that’s not the likeliest scenario. The night will be long, although.

Hillary, the favored victor, will be found to have cheated, to a certain degree, but there will be little done about it. Trump will cry foul, then try to fold that discontent into a media empire, profiting from the disaffected.

There will be no need to look out for any violent revolts (probably), for all the fierce talk of Trump Twitter trolls. The anger will remain, festering below the surface, to become… who knows what? For the time being, Trump supporters will retreat to their enclaves, FoxNews, and the rumored TrumpTV. If any civil unrest does happen because of Trump supporters, look to Hillary to press some sort of political advantage, perhaps attempting the federalization of all law enforcement, such as Obama has suggested.

Sadly, Hillary will not be indicted, as she so richly deserves. The corrupt system will continue. In fact, it’ll have a new lease on life. For Hillary, feeling encouraged by beating the rap so publicly, will be emboldened to expand it. It’ll be Tamney Hall on steroids. After all, she’s gotten away with it for so long, so why not? She may even hide it a little less. Her dutiful lap-dogs in the press will only deal with it, buried on page nine, as an inoculation against charges of bias and as something to get people accustomed to the new normal.

Because she’ll enter office weak for having made few gains in congress and having no mandate, Hillary will be too hampered to do things the legal way. However, that’s no problem if you have a pen, a phone, and a seared conscience! To accomplish anything from her bucket list, she will likely rule by executive fiat, perhaps even more than Obama did. The weak Republicans will do little to stop her but speechify, file law suits, and make other showy, yet ineffective, protests.

Hillary will not be removed from office, though she could be impeached. This even though she’ll likely monetize the White House, as the Clinton’s have done before, as Hillary did in the State Department. Additionally, she’ll also use all departments of the executive, such as the IRS, EPA, and the FBI, to attack her adversaries. The evidence for the various legal cases against her will vanish. The National Debt will balloon.

Hillary will continue the corruption of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court. The second amendment will be reinterpreted to negate it, as has been tried before. Religion and speech rights will be greatly curtailed in line with values that Hillary has already expressed. Look to the government to actively prosecute a few churches for their beliefs, perhaps even infiltrating the Catholic Church in line with the suggestions made in leaked Podesta emails. Republicans will not resist in any meaningful way; a few may even support her in her efforts, making a meaningful GOP opposition impossible.

The result of this election will be a left wing authoritarian machine in full sway, and all because a persistent plurality of disaffected Dems and Republicans gave Trump the GOP nomination, and also that the party failed to remove such a fundamentally flawed contender when they had the chance. In this, the GOP effectively gave a wounded opposition the game ball, and let them score. Although, many of these things would probably have happened under a President Trump, just more slowly. Hillary will push the envelope like a woman on borrowed time, and if the worst of her health rumors are true, she may be.

However, we may see something positive come out of this, like a flower emerging from beneath a few inches of manure. The states may become more brazen in their opposition to the federal government’s overreach, asserting their tenth amendment rights. Some, like Texas, may even pull away from the Union altogether, and Clinton may be too weak to stop it on her own. Any one of Hillary’s core policy initiatives might trigger some secession scenario, the most likely being an Australian-style gun grab such as Hillary has expressed interest in. This could happen even at the mere attempt to get it through congress.

If a new Clinton Presidency results in the restoration of Constitutional Liberty, through it being a catalyst for independence, then there’s the silver lining to a very dark cloud. Apart from that, don’t expect much good news for the next four years, just decline and disintegration. Enjoy!

-Ryan Thorson