About ThunderStruck


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Ryan Thorson, Writer

ThunderStruck Culture and Politics strives to tackle the issues that matter to us all from a distinctively conservative point of view. Whether it’s punditry on national news or reviews of books and movies, ThunderStruck endeavors to be informative, often comical, but always entertaining!

With the explosion of the internet, never before has there been such a great opportunity for individuals to exercise their freedom of speech. However, this new access is under attack by those who push for only one tolerated viewpoint. All that is required for the new authoritarians to win is our silence. Now, more than ever, it is important that those who value the freedoms of speech and thought to speak out, lest others take advantage of our silence and rig the game for their side. This is why ThunderStruck exists, to discuss issues of liberty, and to do its part to keep the seductive beast of unlimited government in its cage where it belongs.

So, whatever end of the spectrum that you come from, whether you’re a libertarian/conservative and want to find encouragement and validation for your own point of view, or even if you are a liberal/progressive wanting to keep tabs on the other side, It is my hope that everyone will enjoy this online journal of opinion and find in it something interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Thorson,

Editor/Head Writer



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