New President, Same Problems, Same Bad Solutions.

Well, it’s official. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. The electoral votes have been certified and the 2016 election is over. So what does this mean? Well, apart from the fact that there’ll be fewer political ads, not much.

For those (both hopeful and lamenting) expecting that Trump will usher in the Fourth Reich, you will be disappointed/relieved. For those hoping for substantive change in the way of reducing the power of the federal government over the lives ordinary citizens, for a new age of fiscal and personal responsibility, and for a renaissance of the Constitution and the ascendency of individual liberty over group entitlements, you also will quickly be disabused of such ridiculous notions.

The ensconced brokers of power are all still there, playing the same game, taking and giving nothing back. Zilch will be done about the problem of government, it’s just that the infernal machine will get a new pair of hands, pulling the levers that control our lives. Donald will do his deals with the ruling class, but don’t be surprised if you won’t be favorably included in them. The age of Trump will be not unlike the age of Obama. We will have a President who respects the application of power, not necessarily the traditions of the country nor the limitations of law. The President wants what he wants, and he’ll get it legally, if he can, but he’ll get it.

High on the Trump agenda will be some kind of a infrastructure bill, spending a lot of money that we don’t have, and doing as little good as when Obama tried it. Also, the Trump daughter’s pet entitlement program will be passed, another permanent leech on an already desiccated budget. And lest we forget, Trump will get his tariffs, which are the political equivalent of threatening to slit your own throat if your opponent doesn’t play fair. How would you like to pay four times the price you currently pay for your iPhone? Who wouldn’t?

In the end, the federal government will expand its power, balloon its debt, adversely affect commerce, and hope that the generation that pays the piper for all this can handle it while also funding our retirements. At $200 trillion in unfunded mandates and counting, I wish the little tykes luck!

Very little of any substance will change under this new regime. The car is still careening towards the cliff, only this time it’s the Democrat’s turn to feel bad about it. 2016 is the year the right officially un-friended the truth in exchange for the same feels-driven politics we used to criticize the left for. I imagine, the results will be just as spectacular.

If you are looking for real solutions to any of these existential national problems, you won’t find them in a President nor anywhere in DC. Too many voters and even leaders are too unprincipled and too uneducated about the issues to change any of this. And of those left who know better, they are more desirous of being a part of power than making tough choices that could save the US for future generations. The solution will have to come from the sovereign states.

For the people of Texas, we had better decide quickly whether it’s better to be a sad witness to a enormous car-crash or a passenger in that careening car. That cliff is getting closer each day, the steering is locked, and the breaks don’t work. Texas has everything it needs to be a successful independent nation including the legal right. Now it remains to be seen if we have the will and courage to act. We don’t have much time left to vacillate on this. Either we crash and burn or we tuck and roll.

-Ryan Thorson

One More Lecture From Monsignor Obama: Trumpies and Russians and Hackers, OH MY!

Today, we received another preachy press conference (thank heaven there’s not many more of these!) from outgoing POTUS Barack Obama. His focus was, of course, the current assement that Russian hacking was intended to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

The Russian hacking situation is bad, and everyone should be concerned, but besides saying “Knock it off!” what did Obama do about it? Last time I checked, Obama’s still President, but his standard operating procedure seems to be talk as if somebody else is. While speaking on what few positive accomplishments happened during his administration as if he personally took charge of every aspect, he likewise seemed to act like none of the negative aspects were ever his fault; he found out about every disaster first through the news and he condemns each scandal from his administration like he’s a critical outside voice standing in judgement rather than the guy running the show! The positive side of this is that his retirement should be an easy rhetorical adjustment.

He’s right that the hacking situation is disturbing, but the hack of a political party is not the same as a hack of the government nor the same as an attempt to stuff ballots. Also, in addition to Obama not taking decisive action when the hacking occurred and culprit identified, he wasn’t so “prime-directive” when he sent money and personnel to try to unseat Israeli PM Netanyahu, nor when he attempted to influence the Brexit with threats against trade relations, nor other attempts to influence elections in Canada & South America.  Additionally, and more to the point, Obama didn’t seem in the slightest concerned with the millions in foreign donations that found their way into HRC’s war chest in an attempt to influence both candidate and election!

Although I’m not too hopeful for anything substantially good out of the Trump administration, I am very much looking forward to the end of the sanctimonious Obama administration. He talked a good game, but in the end, he diminished the USA, drove up the debt and unemployment, drove people further apart, a left a world on fire. I don’t have the stomach to hear him any longer. I can’t wait till these hypocrites are gone, and we have, at least, fresher and newer hypocrites!

– Ryan Thorson