Here’s another article I wrote for the Texas Nationalist Movement!


And here’s where it was noticed, again, by the Houston Chronicle… and dismissed… again!

Although, I’m happy they noticed my calling them out on naming TNM President Daniel Miller as “Dennis Miller.” This morning that’s been corrected, so good on them!

Character Matters, Even When It Doesn’t!

There’s been many attempts to justify Trump’s lamentable lack of self-control and entitled boorishness lately, accompanied by condemnation for those who’ve either repented of their support of him or have used recent events to call for Donald to quit the race. The whole issue centers on the recent revelation of a tape detailing not only his boasting of adultery (something we already had examples of) but also Trump’s possible sexual assault. However, concern over this latest Trump outrage is not, as some would describe it, merely case of pearl clutching and faux moral superiority. 

Donald Trump is a moral reprobate, one who has scant repentance of his actions nor any moment of clarity that he could point to as aiding him to change his ways.  He is and has been a rake who believes his wealth and fame give him license to do… pretty much whatever he wants! This information was out there for anybody who cared to read it. Anybody who claims ignorance of this fact is either living in their own special bubble or lying. That goes double for the politicians who knew and yet lined up behind him! What is at issue here is a case of proverbial chickens coming home to roost. Those of us who opposed Donald Trump said that this day was coming, and that when it did come it would prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House. If the polls are to be believed, this has indeed proven a true prophecy. 

The “cast the first stone” crowd would do well to consider the truth of this before casting their own judgment on the motivations of those calling it like it is. Yes, politics is filled with characters that do such boorish things (see video of Obama showing off his erection to female reporters), and certainly there is none among us without sin, but the wanton disregard for Trump’s bad character is what led the GOP to this moment where they stand to lose all, unless by some miracle Trump puts the country before himself and drops out. Again, his bad character will prevent this.

 So this is where we are, on the brink of party destruction and placing at the country’s helm possibly the most corrupt politician of our time! This is all made possible by excusing, to unheard of degrees, the character quality of the GOP POTUS nominee. Character may not matter to Democrats, but the GOP are supposed to be better! If, however, you still insist that Trump’s character is not an issue, even now, then perhaps you should consider how you judged Bill Clinton when he ran, and contemplate giving him an apology.