#NeverTrump, Still

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That’s it! The super bowl is over (at least as far as I’m concerned)! With the suspension of the Cruz campaign, Trump now becomes the nominee of the Republican Party. Boy was I wrong! Seriously, those of you in the Trump camp really accomplished something here. I have to hand it to you; I really didn’t think it was going to happen. However, so great was the establishment’s dislike for Ted Cruz (and his presumptuous ideas like politicians should fulfill their promises to their voters) that they wouldn’t rally to his candidacy. Additionally, so great was the dissatisfaction with politicians and political correctness combined with chaffing under the imperial Presidency of Obama and the general economic malaise, that the candidate that best harnessed all of the related negative emotional energy is now victorious; this in spite of any shortcomings he has. Unfortunately, much like the Joker from The Dark Knight, in the voter’s desperation they turned to a man that they didn’t quite understand or know, someone who in many ways represents the opposite of the cherished views they had until so recently held. Why? They did this because some voters, in their wrath, would rather watch the country burn than work to conserve and improve the best of it. Now that Trump has won, this wish to burn it down has shifted somewhat to actually trying to win, and the Trumpies are trying to appeal to those of us in #NeverTrump to unite with them to defeat Hillary. This is laughable, considering the ends they were willing to go to drag their guy over the finish line, no matter who they alienated or hurt. In the following I will describe why voting for Trump is something I can never do.

There was a time that I thought I might conceivably vote for Trump. I thought that if he picked a proper running mate and took vows to support conservatism or at least sufficiently lied to me that I could maybe support him, but that time is long past. Over the course of the campaign I’ve watched Trump give encouragement to the KKK by not disavowing them on national TV, making every kind of vile insult, propose the craziest conspiracy theories such as Rafael Cruz being involved in the JFK assassination, repeatedly say things that he knew wasn’t true, and advocate for leftwing position after leftwing position. In short, Trump hasn’t the character, composure, ideology, or honesty to be the GOP nominee or President, and I can never support him. The only scenario I could conceivably support Trump, now, is if he called a press conference, admitted that his candidacy is too polarizing to win, and dropped out in favor of the runner-up, Ted Cruz. That would be an act of selflessness I’m convinced Trump is incapable of doing, and so it seems a hopeless business.

There are a growing number of people and media figures that hold they will still not support Trump. Some say they will stay home, some may vote for the Libertarian candidate or some other third party, and others say they will even vote for Hillary as the lesser evil. This has led to many of the pro-Trump folks to attempt encouraging us to back their guy, now that the primary is over. They appeal to common dislike of Hillary or even go so far as to call us fools and traitors to the GOP. That last part is curious, since loyalty to the party wasn’t even a blip on their radar screens in recent months. But before any other Trumpy tries to reason, cajole, threaten, or insult me into supporting Trump, realize my loyalty IS and always will be to principle, not party, nor a man. I will support the GOP as far as they support my principles. I have spent over twenty years trying to strengthen conservatism in the GOP. There have been set backs, of course. There have been betrayals of conservatism, absolutely. However, with Trump, he doesn’t represent a betrayal of conservatism so much as he does an ideological cleansing of it from the Republican Party. Trump neither espouses conservatism nor demonstrates, when asked, that he knows what it means. You can’t betray that which you were never loyal to. Trump’s spiel is that he is the only one who is smart enough to run the apparatus of government, which is a far cry from saying that the apparatus must diminish. Where principle is concerned, deciding between Hillary and Trump is like choosing between equine and bovine excreta.

Before the Trumpies get too upset, I would urge you to recognize that this wasn’t a secret! You were told plainly that conservatives would not support the destructor of all we’ve accomplished in the GOP, from Goldwater and Reagan until now… and you voted for Trump anyway, knowing and not caring how repellent he was to decent people and despite how many left leanings he had. You were angry and wanted to burn it down. That’s exactly what you got! So spare me your pleas for unity, now, as you stand amid the ashes that were once the house of Abe! You weren’t concerned with unity when you forced this Demi-crat on us, and you threatened riots and violence if you didn’t get your way. Well, you cry-bullies got your way. You nominated the most vile, liberal, ignorant, duplicitous, whining, self-obsessed GOP candidate ever. I accept that, but I can’t join you as his nomination is a rejection of all the principles I hold dear: limited government, individual liberty, free markets, equal protection under the law, and free speech, all of which Trump has to one degree or another argued against! True, Hillary has made similar arguments against liberty, but I expect that from a Democrat. I never thought the GOP could make a worse choice than the RINO squishes that we’ve nominated in the past, but I was wrong. Now, I’m left without an ideological home. Conservatives are out, leaving the GOP the home of the Alt-Right, the establishment, and disparate societies of bigotry and conspiracy theory advocates. There are still two parties, but no longer a conservative and a liberal one, but an internationalist progressive party and a nationalist populist progressive party.

In all this, the likelihood of Trump being elected remains the same; slim to none. However, his electability is of little importance to me. Trump’s nomination ensures one thing: the continued supremacy of the left in America and the diminishing of our liberties, whomever you choose to vote for. While there are still people trying to come up with some kind of plan of action, nothing has surfaced as of yet that has any real support, nor any real hope of averting the left’s consummation of total power over every aspect of our lives. So here’s to the Trumpies! You had your idiotic tantrum. You voted in rage. Now, we will all have to endure the consequences of your foolishness. But no, I will not help you. Hillary will win despite your best efforts; my vote will make very little difference in any event. You chose to worshipfully follow your mystery candidate, and it’s not my fault you weren’t concerned enough to look inside that mystery and weigh the cost of its contents. That’s too bad, as the veils of that mystery were very thin indeed. It’s too late now, and I would rather not join in your self-degradation and violate my own conscience by voting for your party’s candidate; that’s right, so far as the national level is concerned, it’s your party, now. Like the proverb that Ben Shapiro likened to this disaster, if you break it, you buy it. Years from now, if America still exists, I want to tell my grandchildren that I refused to bend my knee before your principle-less god’s alter. It’s a shame that’s the only decent choice open to me, considering we came so close to reestablishing conservative constitutional governance to this country. Spilt milk. #NeverTrump

– Ryan Thorson


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