My Converstation with a Trump Nazi

If you tweet in political circles then this may be a familiar story. There you are making some modestly good points, carrying on a conversation, when a Trump supporter comes along, going from zero to anti-semetic in 2.3 seconds! While all Trump supporters aren’t Nazis, it seems that all Nazis are Trump supporters! Certainly this would describe many of his hard-core vocal followers. Trump has done very little to discourage this kind of support, and this is in turn is taken by white-supremacists of all flavors as sly endorsement of their views.

Anyway, Just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, here are tweets I exchanged with a such a Trump supporter. I blocked out his face and name for legal reasons and, foolish as he is to believe such excrement, I hope he comes to his senses and rejects the bigotry that now seems to animates him. This kind of stuff floating around the web could hurt his opportunities, further confirming his already warped belief of his victim-hood at the hands of Jews and Blacks and whatever else he scapegoats. His apparent youth (like many of the alt-righters that I encounter on twitter) only makes his chosen world view that more pitiable.

Trump, lacks any true convictions and, much like Obama, makes himself a screen for people to project their beliefs onto. If you’re a conservative, so is he! If you are a liberal, so is he! If you are Nazi… Trump is giving Hillary a run for her money in bringing out the worst in Americans. The standard bearer of the GOP must never be a Machiavellian who will single-handedly undue all the hard work of conservatives to focus the arguments onto individual liberties and away from group-think and racialism. Well, enjoy.

-Ryan Thorson



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