Come Together, Right Now, Over Cruz!

With the next Super Tuesday hitting tomorrow, on the ides of March, I thought that now would be an appropriate time to promote the idea of the GOP beginning the healing process. You know it has to happen; we have to reassemble, bind up each others wounds, and come together and form a United front to oppose the Democrats and their chosen leader: the felonious Hillary Clinton. The damage of the last seven years needs to be undone, and that can’t happen if we remain apart, so healing might as well begin today. Join me, brothers and sisters, won’t you?

First, all sides and all supporters of particular candidates are going to have to accept that, in all likelihood, Ted Cruz is going to be the nominee. Yes, I know you may not believe it now, and it may be a bitter pill to swallow for some of you, but its going to happen. Rubio will likely lose Florida, and that will be it for him. Kasich, whether or not he finally wins a state at Ohio will be inconsequential as it is likely to be his last hurrah. Ultimately It will come down to Cruz vs. Trump. Tomorrow, Cruz will pick up many delegates and may even surprise a few people. Personally, I believe Cruz will take IL, NC, and MO. Trump will have a good night, at least taking FL, but in all likelihood it will be his peak. In this two man race, the math and the polling from there on in will favor Cruz heavily, getting him to the magical number of 1237 by June. This will not end up in a brokered convention, and probably not even a contested one, rather Cruz will win fair and square. It’s going to happen, and you need to get ready for it.

Rubio and Kasich fans will probably do fine in voting for Cruz. They’ll get basically what they want in Cruz, with a few more checks on governmental power. The establishment types will have a more difficult time. Under Cruz they’ll actually have to produce results and reform the government along Constitutional lines. Sorry, this time we’ll get a real Conservative, not a moderate, not a compassionate conservative, and things will finally change in Washington. I know that’s a lot of power and influence to give up, but it’s still better than losing with Trump as the nominee or even worse winning with Trump, with all the uncertainty and instability he may bring. However, the group that will have the most difficult time in accepting another candidate other than theirs will be Trump supporters, as they have a very deep emotional connection to their candidate.

If you are a Trump supporter, you may not believe me now, but as you get some distance from Trump, it will become more and more apparent that he was lying to you. If you review what he’s said, how it changed from day to day, how reticent he was to give you details, and the hints that he and his surrogates quietly admitted that he wasn’t being genuine, it’ll become clear that Trump wouldn’t have kept his word to you once he was in power. Cruz, on the other hand, will deliver on the best of what Trump promised, such as immigration reform. Yes, I know it was fun to hear Donald curse, and it probably felt good that he gave you permission to act out in licentious ways, but once calm returns, I’m sure you will agree that sort of thing isn’t exactly the right way for a U.S. President to behave, nor a U.S. Citizen. I know you feel aggrieved because of Obama’s imperial Presidency, illegal immigration, or the way you have been portrayed as Snidley Whiplash by the media and education elites, but you can’t allow that grievance to give you permission to act out in violent or negative ways. Otherwise, what do you say when Black Lives Matter protesters or other victim-identity groups cause the same destruction? How is it really different? Also, random violence and racial prejudice are wrong! They just are, and I think you know that. Before you take out your frustration on an ethnic group, remember that we are a nation of individuals, not groups. You’d expect no less treatment for yourself, so please extend the same courtesy to others. I think you’d find that there are plenty of non-white people in this country that you might have a lot in common with, if you’d just give them a chance. To do otherwise just isn’t the American way.

In the end, Cruz will be the nominee, and we all need to support him. If we’ve said unkind things to each other, we should man-up and set that aside. If your favorite bit of legislative pork is going away, you should just accept it and think of the greater good for the country and not lament the loss to special interests or slices of power. It needs to be understood that there’s not going to be a registry for U.S. Muslims and continued funding for Planned Parenthood; those things are bad. Try to focus on the good things that will come with a Cruz Presidency, such as a flat tax, economic recovery and expansion, the repealing of job-killing Obamacare, government back in it’s proper place, and more power for the citizens to run their own lives. Yes, the time has come. Come together over Cruz!

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