Thank Trump for President Cruz

After many delegate victories, even resounding ones, all across the country, Ted Cruz has started to receive a rush of support and endorsements. This support has come from varied sources such as Senate colleagues like Mike Lee * or former primary rivals such as Carly Fiorina. ** In addition, we also are starting to see a the so-called establishment lining up behind Ted Cruz. Most notably among them is Senator and former GOP Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham. *** Graham will openly admit that he’s not the biggest Cruz fan, and in recent weeks joked about Cruz’s murder, **** but even he realizes that which stands to be lost in this election is far more than personal pet projects and leadership positions. In fact, it could be the country itself. So, besides Hillary and four more years of Democrat-managed national decline, what is this threat to the country? What is the one force strong enough to have all these folks set aside their differences and dislikes and unify for common cause? Donald Trump.

There are many reasons why a majority of Republicans are starting to coalesce around Cruz over Trump. As you look at the delegate count, Trump holds less than 100 delegates over Cruz. ***** With every new state that Cruz snatches from the pile that the pundits said would go to Donald, it becomes more and more clear that Trump is beatable. Some may have chosen Cruz over Trump because they have been swayed by Ted Cruz’s solid conservative record and policies over Trump’s inconsistency and populism. Still others may have considered Trump’s negatives among key demographics and consistent losses to Hillary in the polls, ****** concluding that they’d rather vote for a more sure candidate who beats Clinton in similar hypothetical match-ups, the way that Cruz does. ******* However, there is another reason that may have swayed both voters and those in power to choose Cruz over Trump, and that’s how thoroughly repellent Trump is, personally, ethically, and politically.

Trump is the personification of hubris. If you ask him, he’ll concede that nobody’s better, period. He has no idea of the humility that a President must have, whereas a King does without. He even recently said he’d be more Presidential than any previous President other than Abraham Lincoln. ******** Setting aside for a moment how presumptuous that it is, it’s purely delusional. Additionally, among Trump’s supporters are those that hold white supremacist views or belong to white nationalist organizations. ********* Surprisingly, far from doing the obvious and easy thing in every time unequivocally denouncing their support, such as what Reagan famously did when the Ku Klux Klan endorsed him, ********** Trump disavows in such a weak and curt way as to give the white-power crowd just enough doubt to still think that he’s on their side. Observing all this, the GOP has visions of those inevitable Democrat adds with Trump refusing to disavow the KKK, ***********or a black women being violently hurled out of a Trump rally with accompanying racial abuse, ************ or clips of David Duke singing Trump’s praises, ************* and they know that with those optics, their party will be dead in the water. The hate that loves Trump is a factor that is sure to doom the GOP to not only losing the Presidency, or the Senate, but maybe existentially the party’s itself. With Trump as the GOP nominee, this fate seems certain, even with such a damaged and ethically compromised opponent as Hillary Clinton. You add to this Trump’s charlatan chicanery (such as seeming infomercial for his products after his wins in Mississippi and Michigan), ************** his open threats to Speaker Ryan *************** and the owners of the Cubs, **************** Trump’s constantly shifting policy objectives and positions, his zero impulse control, and his lack of understanding of limited role of a chief executive, and what you have is the makings of an unstable leader, one who has no allies that are not already yes-men. While Trump remains popular with a certain portion of the voters, most of whom are merely blind to what he represents, Trump has managed to make himself abhorrent to everyone else.

By standing for principles in Washington, Ted Cruz made a lot of political enemies in both parties. We’ve heard about how he was disliked by his own party’s leadership, or supposedly everyone else. Well, enter Trump, whose current unfavorable rating of 60%, ***************** makes him the most disliked candidate running and one of the highest ever, even over Hillary (52%) who places second to Trump. ***************** With these facts in evidence, some have theorized that Trump is a Manchurian candidate for Hillary, someone who has agreed to come in and ruin the GOP and do the impossible task of making an otherwise un-electable Hillary Clinton electable by comparison. While that may be how it works out, as far as a conspiracy is concerned, it’s improbable that the giant ego of Donald Trump wouldn’t allow him to take a bullet for someone else. However, if things end up working out for Cruz in securing the nomination, he may very well have Donald Trump to thank for it. It seems that Donald Trump may be the only one that could show the power brokers and establishment in the GOP that there are far worse things to be stuck with than an ethical and consistent conservative like Ted Cruz… they could be stuck with the unethical fraudulent Machiavellian reed twisting in the wind that is Donald Trump.

  • Ryan Thorson


















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