An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

(Bill Whittle just put out a video in a similar vein to what you are about to read (linked below).  It was so good, I thought I’d do my own take on it, with my own two cents worth, also because I’ve had a similar idea rattling around in my head for some time. However, Bill’s take is more conciliatory, whereas mine is more of an ultimatum. Here it is.)


Dear Trump Supporters,

I don’t believe that your candidate will be the nominee. Additionally, the polls currently maintain that he can’t win against Hillary in a general. However, I can’t deny that he’s the front runner and has a shot at it. Additionally, I suspect that no one can pry you from your candidate, but for his own sake, to make him more electable, do you think you could try to push him in a more Conservative direction? Remember, he wants the job; it’s not his for the taking, much as he may posture. So if he wants solid across the board Republican support to beat the Democrats, I say, “Let’s make a beautiful deal.” Before He becomes the nominee, cajole Trump to promise that:

– He will act to end or restrict abortion. He says he’s now pro-life; demand that he talk about what that means and what actions he will take. For instance, will the Judges he selects favor life or not?

-He will select only conservative, strict constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. Many times in recent years we’ve come so close to losing first and second amendment rights by the High Court; it will only take one more appointment to tip us into the abyss. I like that Trump says that he prefers Clarence Thomas, but I don’t know what he means by saying that, and it’s not the only confusing word he’s had on the matter. Have Trump to commit to this original intent leaning judges and stop saying that he’ll put his pro-partial-birth-abortion favoring sister on the Court.

-He will respect the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers. Trump’s been virtually silent in this area, with only a few mentions about the President’s illegal executive orders. Demand that he commit to limited government. We don’t need a right-wing Obama. Return power to the states and individuals, and undo the last 8 years of imbalance.

-He will respect private property rights and return Federal lands back to the states. I’m not talking about National Parks here, but large swaths of land that should be taken away from the Bureau of Land Management and returned to State authorities. Ted Cruz favors passing legislation that would prevent the Feds from owning 50% or more of a State, as a start. Get Trump to reverse himself on this issue and suggest something similar. Also, get him to promise that he will pursue legislation that will protect private property owners from the EPA (or other federal entities) and entrepreneurs who would buy influence with government to take the property of private citizens and give it to business. Trump’s attempt to take some old lady’s house for a Casino limo parking lot through eminent domain was disgraceful, and I’m glad that he failed. Trump needs to learn that he serves the people and not the other way around. We’ve had enough self-serving narcissists in the White House.

-He will enact meaningful immigration reform. It’s great that Trump wants to build a wall, but he also favors “touch-back,” meaning that he’ll deport aliens and then bring them right back to the USA. That does nothing for the guy who can’t find a job because of massive illegal competition. Furthermore, it’s wasteful of federal funds, cruel to the illegal alien, and counters Trump’s previous stated goals. Get him to secure the border, and then enforce existing laws.

-He will not initiate socialized medicine. In addition to being an expenditure that this bankrupt government can’t possibly pay, this sort of program has failed every time it has been tried. It results in low quality care, rationing, and long waits for treatment. It’s so bad that in Canada, their own supreme court ruled against it and allowed for a secondary paid system so that people don’t have to die waiting for treatment. Get “Mr. Businessman” to repeal Obamacare and agree to a free-market solution that gives consumers choice, has transparency in pricing, and allows for interstate competition.

-He will pass a balanced-budget amendment and start paying off our near $20 trillion debt.  If we don’t get a handle on this, we may lose the dollar as the world’s default currency, and then meet the same fate as Greece. Ted Cruz has suggested using Federal natural resources to pay this down, as land holdings amount to roughly the same amount as what we owe. Trump needs to develop a similar plan to deal with this issue. Additionally, he better be ready to handle the $120 trillion in unfunded mandates that will be due soon. This is truly an existential crisis for this government; this can must not be kicked down the road again.

-He will not institute a wealth tax. Again, this goes to private property rights. After a person has paid taxes on their earned income, why should they have to pay another nickel of it, let alone the 14% that Trump has suggested? I know hating the rich is as popular as it’s ever been, but you have to ask yourself what this might do to the economy, in so punishing success. This is so Progressive, not even Hillary has suggested it.

-He will not grant government monopolies and be more hands-off regarding the private sector. Get Trump to stop picking winners and losers in the economy! He needs to abandon his plans to expand ethanol subsidies. Why should I be forced by government to destroy my car’s engine with corrosive ethanol, and also have to pay Iowa for the privilege? Not only is it bad for the environment, burning three gallons of gasoline to make 4 gallons of ethanol, but ethanol should have to stand on its own, just like every other product. I know his support of this issue buys him a lot of votes in Iowa and curries the favor of the GOP establishment, but it is in no way the position of someone who believes in the free market. Don’t get me started on tariffs!

If you are successful in all this, press your luck in trying to get him to act like an adult, stop calling women “Bimbos”and the like, stop carrying on childish twitter wars (he’s running for President, for crying out loud!), and show some respect for the political process that the founders and our traditions have established. Trump should act like the leader of the free world that he wants to be, not a wise guy.

If in reading this, you, as a Trump follower, have discovered some things about your candidate that make you question your support of him, then I would just remind you that there are other candidates that are true conservatives and can win, such as Senator Ted Cruz. If, however, you are still a “Trump or nothing” voter, you would do well to consider the following: If Trump does become the GOP candidate, and if he wants to win in the general election, then he’s going to need support from conservatives; he’s going to need to appeal to some principles higher than just… Trump. If you can get him to agree to all of this, maybe, conservatives might vote for him instead of staying home on election night.


Sincerely, and with all due respect,


Ryan Thorson



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