Here Comes The Sun

As Obama goes on his end of the imperium tour to convince us that bad is good, down is up, and left is right, remember that the awesome thing about a bad President is that he makes the good President that follows look even better, as this new executive heals the country.

Obama’s progressive solutions (progressive like melanoma, as Andrew Klavan would put it) have given us anemic economic growth, stagnant wages, higher health care costs, record joblessness, a government that can force us to buy a commercial product, and a criminally na├»ve foreign policy that is leaving the US in greater danger and a world in turmoil. Although this is all true, realize that once the clean up starts, you’ll find that many things made awful with Obama’s help will come back quickly, almost as if it wants to recover. All it needs is the removal the Progressive jack boot of government from its neck. With some very simple solutions, the next GOP President will come off looking truly amazing as the country comes roaring back.

So don’t worry. As the good book says, “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning” (Psalm 30:5b). America’s flirtation with monarchy will soon be over, and our beloved Republic, that was always there, will reemerge to throw of its fetters and breathe the free air again… soon.

– Ryan Thorson

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